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 “There is increasing, national evidence that all aspects of creativity, arts and culture act as a key trigger for regeneration and have huge benefits for society as a whole.  The creative arts should move central stage in all our health promotion initiatives and the common sense of the people should count for as much as the experts.  Teachers, artists and others in the community must get involved in the process if we are to have healthier societies”  Malcolm Rigler, GP in Manchester


Step into Spring!


Over 4-6 weeks in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, we will guide people through a range of skills, from stencilling to sewing and fun, stylish flower and plant arrangements ready for Easter.  


Workshops will run for approximately 3 hours – 10am to 1pm – with a maximum of 10 people per class.

 Week 1 will cover basic stencilling techniques and paint effects, with time to experiment on terracotta pots, fabric and paper

 Week 2 will continue from week one and also include designing and cutting own stencils

 Learning how to stencil is a simple and effective way to learn new decorative techniques with immediate and impressive results.  It is environmentally friendly too as most of the items being stencilled will be old and in need of a make-over and I have revamped kitchen units, old tables, chairs and in fact anything that needed a bit of an update.  You can make things for the home, your family, to revamp/recycle and also use the techniques to design and make gifts.

  • Stencils can be ready cut (and we have many to choose from) or you can design and cut your own, which is well worth the effort.  Our ready cut ones include ducks, geese, rabbits, monkeys, hens, dinosaurs, insects, elephants fish, cats, dogs, flowers/plants and abstract designs.

 Week 3 will cover basic sewing techniques to make simple cushions, wall-hangings, accessories etc.

 Sewing has known therapeutic benefits and at the very least it can take our mind off the stresses and strains of everyday life.  In addition it can improve concentration, encourage patience, perseverance and communication skills.  I just enjoy designing stuff and think it’s fun to do!

 Week 4 will include fun, stylist Easter flower and plants arrangements, gifts and cards.

  •  Workshops could continue beyond 4 weeks if desired and they could also be offered as a one off workshops if preferred, from 10am to 3pm. 
  •  We are currently sourcing funding to allow us to deliver these workshops for free for people living in areas of regeneration across Merseyside.
  •  Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for costs of workshops and any other information.




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our mission

To encourage 'can do' attitudes, creative thinking and action, to see the role of the Arts and Creativity being recognised and valued, thus playing a key part in creating healthy, vibrant, enterprising communities, and to ensure that doing all of the above is as enjoyable as possible! as enjoyable as possible!

our vision

Urban Creatives' vision is to see The Arts, in all its formats, being used as a way to release untapped potential and creativity for the benefit of all communities across the Wirral peninsula.