Urban Creatives - Unlocking talent and potential within communities

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The (Painted) Thrift Wagon

I have been on the thrift wagon for years.  It's a family thing.  We look at 'stuff' and think "What if"..........and before you know it, the item in question has been striped, painted or polished - only the furniture of course, you can lose friends easily if you get confused!

As a child our home had a revolving door whereby my dad would bring wonderful bargains in through the front...........and my mum would chuck 'em out through the back, which didn't always encourage peace and harmony - oh happy days.

I share my dad's genes in this.  Salerooms and charity shops are my designer stores and I have furnished homes and dressed myself for next to nothing over the years. And no, I don't look that bad, it's all about mix and match, honestly!  But just be careful.  I once bought a cracking black evening suit at the last minute in our local charity shop for £20 (having been all over town for something new) and when I was on the train in all my finery, I looked down and was horrified to see that the trousers weren't actually hemmed up.  Then I had to try and be 'creative' with nothing at all so, I bought chewing gum..............this is a sod to remove from your hem, I can tell you and it's not even that sticky! Of course a former girl guide would have had a sewing kit on her!

My best furniture bargain was probably a beer stained upright piano rescued from the local Liberal Club.  It was a right mess but I set about taking it apart, much to the concern of my husband who asked if I knew what I was doing.  Well do you really think I said "No"?  I stripped and re-varnished it, putting a discreet Art Deco reverse stencil on it and then we called out this lovely piano tuner who did a great job with it.  It all turned out well and anyway, I like a challenge and it gave us loads of fun over the years. One of the funniest was a particular party when a wonderful lady brought all her music to play the oldies.  She announced that she "could only stay an hour" but ended up staying all afternoon, propped up by more than a few glasses of scotch .................and then fell off the stool. I guess you had to be there!

Here are a few bargains I bought this week!  The 10" tall blue vase cost a fiver, as did the denim bag and the rest between £1 and £2.50, all from local charity shops.

So, I hope this section proves useful and fun and we will build it up over the coming months (please be patient) and if you have any masterpieces of your own then why not share them with us?

We will be designing some workshops around recycling, revamping etc so please watch this space for projects or contact me for more information.


our mission

To encourage 'can do' attitudes, creative thinking and action, to see the role of the Arts and Creativity being recognised and valued, thus playing a key part in creating healthy, vibrant, enterprising communities, and to ensure that doing all of the above is as enjoyable as possible! as enjoyable as possible!

our vision

Urban Creatives' vision is to see The Arts, in all its formats, being used as a way to release untapped potential and creativity for the benefit of all communities across the Wirral peninsula.