Urban Creatives - Unlocking talent and potential within communities

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Contact Urban Creatives

Please contact Urban Creatives, in the first instance using the online form below.

If you need to contact us directly, you can call Sue Rees on 07789 190864 or by email at sue@urbancreatives.org.uk. All messages will be replied to as soon as possible.

Please note: you must enter the verification code at the end of the form to send your message.

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Home contact

our mission

To encourage 'can do' attitudes, creative thinking and action, to see the role of the Arts and Creativity being recognised and valued, thus playing a key part in creating healthy, vibrant, enterprising communities, and to ensure that doing all of the above is as enjoyable as possible! as enjoyable as possible!

our vision

Urban Creatives' vision is to see The Arts, in all its formats, being used as a way to release untapped potential and creativity for the benefit of all communities across the Wirral peninsula.